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About Scarlet Tantrum

Scarlet Tantrum tackles the music scene with her powerful vocals and lyrics that shine a much-needed light onto anyone who needs reminding that they are not alone. In her first year of performing, she played over 200 shows including opening for Kim Richey, placing 3rd in North Carolina’s Ag Star Talent Search and lighting up some of Nashville’s most sought-after venues including Opry Mills and The Electric Jane.
Whether she’s singing in front of a packed crowd or alone in the recording studio, Scarlet Tantrum has her fans in mind. “When I sing one of my songs, I want fans to feel every ounce of emotion I had when writing it.” Scarlet Tantrum believes in fully vulnerable, deep, authentic songwriting and draws most of her inspiration from her own life. However, songwriting, recording and performing are equally important to her process of connecting her fans to her experiences. “I write my life. It starts as my own voice, and I hope it becomes a voice for other people.”
Music has been a saving grace to Scarlet Tantrum, who understands the value of mental health and loving oneself through the ups and downs. “Music heals, and I want to be a part of the healing, both for myself and others, for the rest of my life.” She doesn’t believe in sugarcoating lyrics or playing it safe. Scarlet Tantrum pulls no punches when she gets in front of the microphone and unleashes her pure, uncensored emotions into the world.
Scarlet Tantrum takes every opportunity to live out loud, not only for herself but for anyone who feels unseen or unheard. Every song she sings is an uncensored affirmation of the power one can have over toxicity, depression and oppression. With new original music on the horizon, this is just the beginning and Scarlet Tantrum will not be silenced.

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